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10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

The right digital marketing strategy can improve the ranking of a company on Google’s search results. However, the trends of digital marketing do not remain the same every year due to the emergence of new strategies in the field. Considering this, it is expected that new trends will dominate the field of digital marketing in 2022. This article will explain 10 major trends which businesses have to look after in 2022 to remain profitable in the business game.

1. Cookies

Recently, Google has revealed that the third-party cookies will no longer be in practice from 2023. This is a major shift in trends in digital marketing because cookies have been playing an essential role for website owners in retrieving data of their visitors. Cookies enable the website owners to know the trends of traffic on their website. Generally, this data is also accessible to the creators of cookies who are mostly digital marketing agencies.

Herein, third-party cookies are basically text files that get stored on a person’s computer when he/she visits a particular website. This helps track the visits of that person from his/her computer to that particular website. If third-party cookies would not be there in 2023, then this means that e-businesses will have to devise certain strategies in 2022 to acquire customers’ data through other tools instead of third-party cookies.

2. SEO

In addition to the cookies, it is also expected that the trends for SEO will change as well. Possibly, organic search engine optimization will prove to be more effective, which will require the companies to generate effective content for digital marketing. Furthermore, it is also expected that the new SEO trend will filter out unrelated visitors to your website, which can give you an improved impact of SEO. Therein, the SEO in 2022 will require more frequent and optimized usage of long-tail keywords because such keywords can eliminate unnecessary traffic and give improved and refined visitors to be converted into more sign-ups on a website.

3. Mobile-friendly Design

Another important trend that will be followed in digital marketing is the requirement for the websites to become mobile-friendly. That is, the design must be responsive to all kinds of smartphone devices because a majority of people now access the internet over their smartphones. Without a responsive design, the digital marketing of any website would prove to be ineffective.

4. Social Media Presence

Over a billion people actively use social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. to interact with each other. Likewise, they also use such platforms to find reviews about online products and services. Therefore, the presence of businesses over social media has become a norm now. 

In particular, the LinkedIn profile of a company is an essential component to present its professional outlook. Therefore, it is essential that businesses should ensure their professional and reliable presence over social media platforms and must be responsive to their customers over there. This will enhance their brand recognition, reliability, and trust in the eyes of their potential customers.

5. Videography

People prefer to get information about a product through video descriptions instead of reading large text files. Therefore, businesses should move on to add videography as part of their digital marketing strategy to attract customers.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

2022 will also witness a rise in the adoption of AI. In particular, the algorithms will be designed to follow machine learning coding and will assist the companies in reaching out to their potential customers more effectively.

7. Bots

Another important trend is the emergence of bots, especially chatbots that can provide improved and quicker customer support. Bots can also take orders and present offers as well. Therefore, businesses should implement this tool as part of their overall digital strategy in order to provide round-the-clock customer support.

8. Audio Search

It is deemed that the audio search will emerge as a popular feature in 2022; therefore, businesses also need to dig into this aspect. The emergence of this trend is due to the popularity of the voice search feature that is adopted in smartphones. An example is Siri on iPhones.

9. Influencer Marketing

With the increasing popularity of social media apps such as Snapchat and Tiktok, the trends for conventional marketing are moving towards influencer marketing. In this type of marketing, companies hire popular influencers from Tiktok and similar social media apps to promote products and services. This type of marketing will particularly become trendy in the upcoming years for businesses to adopt.

10. Improved UI and UX

It is essential that visitors on a website should be facilitated with an improved User Experience (UX), which requires improvements in the website. Similarly, the UI design should facilitate the visitors of the website.

In a nutshell, the upcoming years will require businesses to bring new adjustments into their digital marketing strategies, because the trends for marketing are evolving every year. In particular, 2022 will be the year after the pandemic. So, companies will be aggressively looking towards improving their digital marketing strategies to make them more aligned with their business models and to attract an additional customer base. Therefore, 2022 will be the year with new trends in digital marketing and will entail stiff competition among businesses.

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