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5 Key Benefits of Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is not a new phenomenon. With the challenges of the business world increasing with every passing day, moving confidential business information to the cloud seems like a viable solution. 

Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic made businesses realize that having offices and hardware is not only an added expense but also a lot of hassle to manage. If employees can work remotely, then most of the business operations can be handled remotely which further emphasizes the need for cloud migration. 

But, what is cloud migration?

Cloud migration refers to the process of moving business data and digital operations from onsite hardware to the cloud. By doing so, businesses get rid of on-premise data centers that can get compromised and pose the risk of losing valuable data to off-site secure data centers, commonly referred to as the cloud.

This process requires a lot of care and attention as businesses cannot risk losing confidential data while undergoing cloud migration. For this purpose, cloud migration companies like Business Line are hired that are experienced in this domain and can guarantee data migration without any hiccups.

Wondering why cloud migration is important for future-forward organizations? Let’s look at the 5 key benefits of cloud migration.

Cloud migration leads to cost reduction

Think about this: you don’t have to invest in expensive computing and storage devices, ensure their maintenances, or spend a hefty amount on electricity bills incurred by these devices. Sounds good? Yes, that is what happens when you enable cloud migration at your organization. You save a lot of money that could be spent on important aspects of the business.

Cloud service providers offer flexible pricing models that allow you to pay-as-you-go; that is, you pay for the computing power utilized by your data on the cloud. 

A great example of cost reduction due to cloud migration is Emirates that recently went through the process and is already expecting annual savings of $1 million!

Cloud is scalable

If you have a rapidly growing organization, you can relate to the hassle of continuously investing in computing hardware to store the growing amount of organizational data. And once the load spike on servers has passed (dependent on your business needs that fluctuate), you end up with excessive hardware that is expensive to maintain until the next spike.

With cloud computing, you don’t have to worry about that. As your needs grow, you get a quick response from your cloud service provider and get automatically facilitated for it. Additionally, the peaks and dips in your capacity needs are accommodated automatically which not only is efficient for you but also for the cloud service provider.

Moving to the cloud is secure

Cloud service providers ensure data security as they have strict security protocols in place. They follow the latest industry standards on data center security and ensure the risk of cyberattacks is reduced to a minimum. They have dedicated teams for data security that are devoted to the prevention of hacking attempts and cyberattacks.

Cloud migration is reliable

Imagine you have an eCommerce store with thousands of customers. Naturally, you have a lot of data and need a good many servers to keep the website up and running. One day, a massive electricity outage occurs and since all your servers are on-site, they shut down. Your website stops working until the power outage is fixed and you lose a lot of business.

Sounds horrible, right?

With an off-site, cloud system, you get to avoid all such scenarios. There is no server downtime and cloud service providers have backups in place for almost everything. Good service providers guarantee 99% uptime with disaster recovery and backups so you can sleep soundly thinking that your data is secure and in good hands.

Accessibility with cloud migration

The new norm set by Covid-19 requires businesses to remain accessible for all stakeholders from anywhere in the world. With cloud migration, you ensure that your employees get to access the system remotely and your business never stops running.

Final Thoughts

Cloud computing is bringing a lot of benefits to businesses worldwide and based on the above-mentioned benefits, it does seem to be the right choice. While it can be intimidating to move from a traditional on-site system to the cloud, the right cloud migration service provider can make all the difference.

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