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Search Engine Marketing

Beat the competition and gain more traffic and leads on your website by running the right ads through Search Engine Marketing. From search ads to display ads, Business Line masters all. Let us steer your search engine ad strategy in the right direction while you focus on business operations.

Why You Need Search Engine Marketing?

With cut-throat competition becoming a norm across industries, ranking your website on the top in SERPs is no longer enough. Organic search results are now being dominated and pushed down by search engine ads which makes it impossible for businesses, no matter how good they are doing in SEO, to gain enough eyeballs.
Search Engine Marketing helps you make your way through the clutter by running ads on the right keywords. It can augment your SEO efforts and help you disrupt the market to make your voice heard. From reaching out to the right customers to creating brand awareness to converting them into leads, Search Engine Marketing is a definitive road to success for businesses.
Additionally, if you have a new website, it can take months for you to organically start ranking on the first page on search engines, and that too with an aggressive SEO strategy. While waiting for your SEO strategies to pay off, you can invest in Search Engine Marketing to make your business known in the targeted audience circles and start gaining leads without wasting time.
That’s how smart businesses are doing it.

Our Search Engine Marketing Services

Account Setup
Account Audit
Customized Ad Strategy
Campaign Setup
Keywords Research
Ad Copy Services
Ad Design Services (Display ads only)
Regular Monthly Reporting

Why Trust Us with Your Search Engine Marketing

SEM Strategies Tailor-made for Your Business

Work with us to expand your business with our cutting-edge Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies based on your business goals. We carefully devise ads that target the most suitable customers for your business to help you gain qualified leads.

Value for Money

Running ads can be costly and we understand that which is why we are committed to spending your money wisely. We are here to boost your ROI without costing you an arm and a leg.

Measurable Results and Transparency

Reporting is very close to our hearts and we make sure our clients get to know what we are doing for them through monthly reports. Measure the impact of SEM strategies on your business through our detailed reports.

Dedicated Account Manager

Constant monitoring and optimization are essential for running successful ads. At Business Line, we provide a dedicated account manager to our clients to manage your ad campaigns and provide round-the-clock support.

Your Local Business Partner

Based out of Irbil, Iraq, we sit in the same market as you do. Hence, we understand the local customs, language, and values and we use this information to create mindful ads that generate more value for you.

Bidding Strategies for Search Engine Ads

Run ads where you pay a specific amount for each ad click. You can choose between Manual CPC (where you adjust bids per keyword manually) and Enhanced CPC (where you give your ad platform the liberty to pay a little extra per click on top of your suggested bid to get the right traffic on your ad).

If you want more conversions on your ad, try using Target CPA strategy that enhances conversions while charging a specific cost set by you as the Target CPA per conversion.

If you want to get as many conversions as possible in a given budget, maximize conversions is the best strategy for you.

If your goal is to send as many people as possible to your website through your ads, go for maximize clicks in which you get the maximum number of clicks in a given budget.

Optimize your ads for conversion value to enhance conversions while targeting a specific ROAS.

If you want to optimize for conversion value without setting a specific ROAS and are willing to spend the entire budget set for the campaign, maximize conversion value bidding is for you.

If your aim is to show your ad on the absolute top of the page, anywhere on the page, or in the top search results, you can go for Target Impression Share and pay for ad impressions, not clicks.

Pay for the number of times your ad appears anywhere on Google Display Network or Youtube.

Set an average amount you are willing to pay for every thousand impressions. Enhance ad reach by optimizing bids and control ad spend.

If you are running video ads, CPV is your best bet. CPV allows you to pay per video view by setting a bid that matches your budget.

Let’s Bring More Clients to Your Business with Search Engine Marketing

Enhance website traffic, promote your brand or products, gain leads, and boost revenue by running search engine ads like a pro.