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Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends for 2022

Digital transformation has become the need of the hour in an increasingly booming technology-influences market. Businesses, large and small, have started to realize the need to stay in sync with technological developments to stay successful. Realizing that, we have compiled a list of digital transformation trends that can give you the competitive edge you are looking for in 2022.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1.    5G

We’re not far away from the universe where the fifth generation of wireless communications (5G) will top it all. Considered a revolutionary step towards integrated mobile communications and networking, 5G is expected to virtually connect everything, including devices, machines, people, and objects.

With incredible speed, it will respond to your commands in as low as 1 millisecond which is almost half of what its predecessor took. Not only that, 5G will be of great advantage to all those digital businesses as well. Its massive bandwidth and uniform user interface make it even more reliable and secure than any of its previous counterparts.

2.    Hybrid Work

The oh-so-common digital transformation trend in 2022 is the hybrid work policy that almost all workplaces are now employing. It is after the COVID-19 lockdown that it has gained even more momentum such that employees can choose to work both remotely as well as from the office, creating a work-life balance along the way.

This flexible hybrid work model can only be possible if businesses have a well-designed digital system in place to keep everything in check while increasing employee productivity and retention.

3.    Business Process Automation

Sooner than later, businesses worldwide will have to upgrade to one of the most talked-about digital transformation trends of 2022-Business Process Automation (BPA). By streamlining all business processes, BPA aids in the effective and efficient use of the data available through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

More so, BPA also allows the integration of other solutions within itself such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for the smooth functioning of your enterprise.

4.    SaaS

With the entire world being under lockdown, the pandemic saw a massive spike in the number of online users. With this came the need for online applications employing the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach which is now becoming an even bigger trend.

Considered to be the ‘third wave’ in software deployment, a plethora of organizations are also developing additional SaaS applications through SaaS integration platforms. These are not only easy to use but also easily adaptable to the ongoing business trends.

5.    Digital Payments

Another digital transformation trend brought about by the coronavirus was the excessive use of digital payments. Being a blessing in disguise for businesses and consumers likewise, this contactless method of making transactions catalyzed the process of digital banking, benefitting everyone involved.

Almost all banking facilities are now only a click away. From filling out verification forms to getting credit cards and loans, you can handle everything financial without having to physically visit a bank.

6.    Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Migration is a tried and tested method of transferring all your confidential business data and servers to a secure and reliable cloud environment to free up on-premise space for a fruitful digital transformation.

On the contrary, multi-cloud migration is a fairly new phenomenon that has only recently ramped up. Instead of a single cloud-based software, businesses are now moving towards multiple cloud environments for greater efficiencies and larger economies of scale. Providing utmost security, this model helps digital businesses run smoothly without any continuity risks.

Although managing various cloud environments can be havoc, this is where cloud management solutions come into play and make it all worthwhile.  

7.    Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

As a means of gauging a business’ performance in terms of its sustainability, diversity, and equity, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is hitting headlines in the technological world of 2022. ESG is a tool that aids socially responsible investors in their investment decisions.

Most funders in today’s time are more inclined towards pooling their cash in an enterprise that works in a socially and environmentally effective way with financial equity being up to the mark. Therefore, more and more organizations are heading towards sustainable growth to stay in the game.

8.    Democratized AI

Being one of the top digital transformation trends of 2022, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been employed by companies worldwide for better and faster decisions. Subsequently, its democratization has also recently gained popularity.

Organizations are now focusing on empowering all stakeholders by giving them access to AI. This user-friendly system with pre-built algorithms not only aids in identifying trends and making effective strategies but also keeps the entire workforce on the same page, leading to increased productivity and higher returns.

9.    Scrutiny by Regulatory Bodies

With great power comes great responsibility. And so, all these billion-dollar tech companies that have access to all sorts of user data are being diligently scrutinized by regulatory bodies. Their love-hate relationship with antitrust legislation and court rulings will eventually persuade them to modify the way they use customer data and behaviors. And this is another one of the changes that 2022 has seen in the digital realm.

10. Metaverse and Crypto

2020 was the year when Metaverse crept into our lives and became the talk of the town. Soon after, we saw a huge digital shift when it got incorporated into some of the most prominent social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. This augmented virtual reality is what the experts say the future will look like, hence making it an even bigger phenomenon in the coming times.

Talking about the metaverse, one cannot fathom forgetting about the soon-to-be king of all trades the cryptocurrency that is expected to be a medium of exchange in the futuristic world we’re heading towards. With a decentralized system, Bitcoin is at the top of the list followed by Ethereum and so on.

Final Takeaway

By elucidating the top 10 digital transformation trends for 2022, we’ve given you a virtual tour of the present and a glimpse through the future of tech. With metaverse taking over the entire internet, slowly but steadily we’re heading towards a world heavily concentrated on online activities with eCommerce being the most dominant market of all.

Nonetheless, if your business is yet to be digitalized, you can get hooked with some of the most reliable IT professionals at BusinessLine and make your digital move all the more profitable.

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