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SAP Analytics Cloud equips businesses with essential tools for planning, predictive analytics, and data visualization, positioning it as the preferred solution for integrating, examining, and managing operations comprehensively.

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Embrace Advanced AI

Automate Reporting with AI: Leverage generative AI to automate reporting processes, unearth deep insights, and craft strategic business plans using Joule copilot.

Refine Decisions with AI Expertise: Utilize the Joule copilot and generative AI for sophisticated analytics and planning, enhancing data analysis, risk evaluation, and scenario modeling.

Extract Insights through Conversational Queries: Enable users to obtain immediate and precise interpretations of data through natural language queries, enhancing accessibility and understanding.

Streamline Workflows with AI: Employ generative AI to compose enhanced narratives and perform complex calculations, streamlining workflows and augmenting data interaction.

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Comprehensive Insights

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Cloud-based deployment

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SAP for business analytics

Business Analytics & Intelligence

SAP Cloud enhances business intelligence by providing comprehensive tools for data visualization, reporting, and dashboard creation. It allows organizations to view real-time data and generate insights across various business operations, aiding in data-driven decision-making.

SAP for planning and forecasting

Planning & Forecasting

The platform supports robust planning and forecasting capabilities that integrate both financial and operational planning in one system. This includes budgeting processes, financial projections, and scenario modeling, enabling companies to forecast future performance and plan accordingly.

SAP Analytics cloud collaboration and sharing

Collaboration & Sharing

Collaboration tools within SAP Analytics facilitate the sharing of insights and data visualizations across teams. This feature ensures that stakeholders can make collective decisions with access to real-time data, shared analytical content, and interactive dashboards.

SAP for predictive analysis

Predictive Analysis

The platform utilizes machine learning algorithms to perform predictive analysis, helping businesses anticipate future outcomes based on historical data. This feature supports the creation of predictive models that can forecast trends and behaviors, allowing for proactive business strategies.

SAP Analytics cloud Data Integration

Data Integration

The platform offers robust data integration tools that allow businesses to connect, prepare, and blend data from various sources, both on-premises and in the cloud. This ensures a unified view of information, aiding in comprehensive analytics and reporting.

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SAP Analytics Cloud provides extensive connectivity options with live data connection capabilities to various data sources, including SAP and non-SAP systems. This enables seamless integration and access to data for real-time analytics without replicating data, preserving its integrity and security.

Additional Features of SAP Analytics Cloud

Self-Service Data Modeling

Automate routine data tasks with SAP Analytics Cloud, allowing IT teams to set up KPIs, dimensions, and hierarchies. This empowers even non-technical users to independently create dashboards and reports, freeing data specialists for strategic tasks like data governance.

Augmented Analytics

Leverage artificial intelligence for superior analytics. The platform provides self-service machine learning models that unearth hidden data correlations, offering actionable insights effortlessly.

What-If Simulation

Test business scenarios digitally to avoid real-world costs and time expenditure. SAP Cloud’s simulation capabilities help you visualize the potential impacts of business decisions.

Secure and Compliant Data Management

The platform ensures secure and compliant data handling through robust security measures and governance protocols, allowing organizations to meet regulatory compliance while safeguarding sensitive business data.


Tailor the platform to meet your specific business needs. Customize dashboards, add widgets, and adjust settings to enhance functionality and align with business objectives.

Prebuilt Business Content

Rapidly deploy analytics solutions with preconfigured packages designed for various business domains, built on SAP’s best practices. This feature also centralizes access to all analytics content for streamlined operations.

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Innovation tailored to serve a unique range of business scenarios to lead you into the future of digital transformation.

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