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SAP Analytics Cloud

Sophisticated business data put to effective use to make business planning and decision- making a breeze for all. From business intelligence to augmented and predictive analytics to enterprise planning, SAP Analytics Cloud provides everything under one roof.

What is SAP Analytics Cloud

Data has become extremely important for businesses and their smooth running. Without business data, it has become impossible to understand customer needs, market trends, and business profitability. Realizing the importance of data for businesses, SAP created SAP Analytics Cloud. An effective SaaS product, SAP Analytics Cloud enables businesses to plan, analyze, forecast, and collaborate in one place by leveraging credible insights.

●  Advanced analytics accessible to all
●  Data-driven decision-making
●  Easy to use

SAP Analytics Cloud Features

Business Intelligence

Leverage self-service analytics to explore and analyze data from all business functions and gain insights prior to decision-making. Visualize data with efficient modeling techniques, eliminate errors through automated data cleansing processes, and categorize insights.

Augmented Analytics

SAP Analytics cloud leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and natural language processing to provide unmatched augmented analytics services. From conversational analytics to predictive analytics, the software allows easy navigation and access to any kind of organizational data you need.

Enterprise Planning

The easy access to data allows you to seamlessly create integrated business plans based on real-time reports to ensure strategic alignment between various business functions. One cloud interface for all of your enterprise planning needs.

Centralized Analytics Catalogue

Grant access to unified business data on SAP Analytics Cloud home page. Navigate through the system with the aid of visual cues, gain data from all SAP products currently in your use in one dashboard, and efficiently govern analytics to avoid errors or data duplication.

Benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud

Timely Decision-making
With insights available in the blink of an eye, businesses get to act in a timely manner and make decisions that support business growth. Analyze data, understand trends, leverage data visualization, and make plans within the solution without wasting any time.

Continous Collaboration
Never miss a chance to collaborate with SAP Analytics Cloud. Give access to the software to all stakeholders, discuss insights, interact in the same window, and stay connected with reports from anywhere in the world.

Enhanced Clarity and Transparency
With business data available to all users, business progress and growth stats become accessible to all which not only ensures transparency but also enhances accountability. Align goals of various business functions with business goals and make decisions through a collaborative effort.

Business Line for SAP Analytics Cloud

With years of experience and a team of IT and accounting experts, Business Line emerges as the perfect choice for businesses opting for SAP Analytics Cloud. We are based in Erbil, Iraq, which makes us aware of the growing needs of businesses in the Kurdistan region, making us the right choice for local companies.

Make Data the Center of Your Business Decision-making Process

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