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SAP Business ByDesign enables you streamline key business functions with pre-built scenarios and real-time analytics, empowering you to make informed strategic decisions.

Transform your business with an intelligent cloud ERP solution that eliminates complexity & reduces costs. Connect every function across your oraganization to time tested best practices & in-depth analytics, all with SAP Business ByDesign services & implementation in by Business Line Company.

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SAP Business ByDesign

Supply Chain Management

Ensure seamless synchronization of supply and demand, fortifying the adaptability to refine collaboration between customers and suppliers.

Product Advancement: Shorten the journey from concept to market, confirming designs align with consumer expectations.

Supply Chain Systemization: Capture a transparent illustration of your logistical networks and configurations essential for devising supply chain strategies.

Strategic Oversight: Govern material management with a strategy-oriented methodology for procurement planning.

Operational Excellence in Manufacturing: Sustain the production of superior goods with efficiency, supervise warehousing adeptly, and synchronize logistics operations seamlessly.

SAP Business ByDesign

Human Resources Management

Optimize HR processes, from organizational structuring to workforce management to recording time and enable employee self-management.

Time and Labor Oversight: Streamline management of workforce time, labor, and compensation, enhancing efficiency through unified data and self-directed processes.

Compensation Distribution: Enhance payroll operations and leverage seamless integration with external payroll service platforms.

Employee Administration: Efficiently oversee and implement tasks related to employees, from scheduling to resource procurement and maintaining staff records.

Talent Utilization: Facilitate the strategic deployment of talent by providing employees and contractors with tools for integrated skills and project management, ensuring optimal allocation and productivity.

SAP Business ByDesign

Project Management

Efficiently orchestrate projects throughout your enterprise, spanning varied domains like research, product innovation, and marketing initiatives.

Project Strategy and Implementation: Harmonize project oversight seamlessly with other pivotal company divisions, including finance, procurement, and personnel management.

Synchronized Project Cooperation and Oversight: Elevate project outcomes through real-time teamwork, driving more profitable and impactful projects with continuous oversight.

Microsoft Teams Integration with SAP Business ByDesign: Leverage SAP Business ByDesign’s capabilities within Microsoft Teams, streamlining your operations within a familiar workspace.

SAP Business ByDesign

Analytics & Reporting

Empowering Decision-Making with Analytics: Enhanced business foresight through integrated analytics, sharpening decision-making across all sectors from finance to HR.

Insightful Reporting Mechanisms: Harness the comprehensive suite of reporting tools to transform data into actionable insights, fostering strategic planning and performance monitoring.

Strategic Business Insights: With real-time data synthesis, SAP Business ByDesign offers strategic insights that drive business growth and operational excellence.

Customized Analytics Experience: Customize reporting and analytics to suit specific business requirements, empowering stakeholders with relevant, role-based insights for optimal performance.

SAP Business ByDesign

Financial Management

Financial Snapshot: Streamlined accounting for immediate financial clarity supports active cash and liquidity management.

Transaction Tracking: Centralize transaction records for clear financial insights and healthy cash flow.

Cash Flow Management: Utilize real-time tools for forecasting and optimizing cash reserves.

Insightful Financial Reports: Quick access to financial reports aids in informed strategic planning.

Regulatory Compliance: Robust controls ensure adherence to financial regulations and policies.

Multinational Finance Handling: Efficiently manage global financials across currencies and regulations.

SAP Business ByDesign

Sales & Customer Relationship Managment (CRM)

Marketing: Leverage custom-tailored information on clients to craft campaigns that resonate, leading to efficient lead generation and effective handover processes to the sales force.

Sales: Achieve a seamless automation process for your sales department that sharpens account management and elevates every step from the initial interaction to the final invoice issuance.

Service: Arm your team with the necessary capabilities and insights to provide exceptional service, ensuring a significant rise in client satisfaction levels.

Tailored Industry Solutions

Professional services

Professional Services

  • Streamline service delivery with automated processes.
  • Gain insights into project performance to enhance client outcomes.
  • Leverage client journey data for strategic positioning of services.
  • Assess project and client results to align with business objectives.


  • Obtain a comprehensive, real-time overview of manufacturing activities.
  • Elevate production efficiency.
  • Streamline collaboration with partners and channels to meet market needs.
  • Foster customer loyalty by providing an encompassing customer perspective.

Wholesale Distribution

  • Accurately predict and fulfill market demand.
  • Achieve visibility across supply networks.
  • Minimize costs and fine-tune inventory and capital management.
  • Maintain a consistent customer interface throughout all business avenues.

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