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SAP Business ByDesign enables you streamline key business functions with pre-built scenarios and real-time analytics, empowering you to make informed strategic decisions.

Transform your mid-market business with an intelligent cloud ERP solution that eliminates complexity & reduces costs. Connect every function across your oraganization to time tested best practices & in-depth analytics, all with SAP Business ByDesign services & implementatioin by Business Line Company

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign
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SAP Business ByDesign

Supply Chain Management

Streamline your procurement & inventory processes with tools for planning, execution, & monitoring of your supply chain

SAP Business ByDesign

Human Resources Management

Efficiently manage your work forces with features such as HR Analytics, employee self-service & work force planning

SAP Business ByDesign

Project Management

Plan & execute your projects with features for project planning, budegting, resource allocation & project tracking

SAP Business ByDesign

Analytics & Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your business with real-time analytics & reporting tools that enable data-driven decision making

SAP Business ByDesign

Financial Management

Manage your financial processes with greater efficiency & transparency, including accounting, financial planning & cash flow management

SAP Business ByDesign

Sales & Customer Relationship Managment (CRM)

Improve your sale processes & customer relationships with features such as opportunity management, pipeline analysis & customer segmentation

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Innovation tailored to serve a unique range of business scenarios to lead you into the future of digital transformation


Cloud-based solution to manage the IT infrastructure & software updates of your business

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