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SAP Business One

Being a SAP Partner, Business Line helps you manage all your business operations effectively and efficiently using SAP Business One. Ranging from financials and inventory to sales and customer relationships, it keeps your entire business under radar at all times. Giving an all-encompassing experience, the affordable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the go-to solution for both small and medium-sized enterprises that aim to grow exponentially at a faster pace with greater returns on investment.

Why SAP Business One

A centralized platform, SAP Business One not only allows you to integrate the key processes of your business but also gives you greater and better insights into all of its functionings. By streamlining business data, it gives you more control over your enterprise and helps you devise plans that lead to award-winning solutions with guaranteed success both monetarily and otherwise.

Used by 70,000+ customer

Implemented by more than 850 Value Added Resellers worldwide

Available as 50 country localizations and in 28 languages

SAP Business One is used in >170 countries

300 Software Solution Partners with 500+ solution

360+ large enterprises are running SAP Business One in 5,600+ subsidiaries

Key Capabilities of SAP Business One

Ideal for companies aiming for digital transformation, SAP Business One is a one-stop shop for the effective ERP of your business. Have a look at the modules given below to see what the software comes loaded with.


Eliminate errors, improve margins, and make profitable decisions with the help of tools that streamline financial operations.

Sales and Customer

Manage and track the sales process and customer lifecycle effectively and efficiently. From the first point of contact to the actual sale and then after-sales support, stay hooked with the buyer throughout.

Purchasing and Inventory Management

Manage inventory by making purchases based on the supply and demand data available. Cut costs by not only controlling the stock but also managing the order-to-pay cycle, including invoices, receipts, payments, and returns.

Business Intelligence and

Using the accurate reports provided by SAP Business One, leverage business data to make smart and instant decisions for faster and fruitful returns.

Industries Leveraging SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an ideal solution for ventures left, right, and centre that are planning to leverage digital transformation in a profitably effective way. With an optimized ERP system, the software will help you synchronize all your business operations efficiently with ease. Below are some industry-specific capabilities that the software has to offer:

Consumer products​
Professional services​

SAP Business One Solution Stack

Full deployment flexibility
On premise Cloud
Runs on in-memory technology
SAP Business One Core
All Standard business processes covered
Basic application programming interfaces (APIs)
Integration framework
Robust integration and collaboration
Services layer
Interface for SAP HANA and MS SQQL applications

Why Business Line for SAP Business One Implementation

Having partnered with SAP, Business Line is a trusted service provider in the Kurdistan region that effectively implements SAP’s products and services: SAP Business One being one of many. With its team of sought-after accountants and IT professionals, it successfully integrates and automates all of SAP Business One’s tools and services, positioning itself as an industry leader in the region. From briefing to implementing and providing after-sales service, Business Line promises to accompany you at every single step of your journey with SAP.

SAP Business One Add-ons

One mobile warehouse for
SAP Business One

Human Resources and Payroll Management for
SAP Business One

B2B e-Commerce for SAP Business One

B2C e-Commerce for SAP Business One


SAP Business One contains everything your business needs to run smoothly such as accounting solutions, purchasing, and inventory management, billing, and sales data. The cost of SAP Business One depends on underlying factors that are mentioned below:

Software licenses: The number of user licenses you need will impact the cost of SAP Business One for your business. Licenses are of two types: Professional and Limited user. The professional license gives users complete access to all the modules whereas a limited user license gives access to specific modules like sales or finance.
License Purchase Method: Are you going with an annual purchase method or a one-time cost method? This decision will impact the cost of SAP Business One for your organization.
Implementation: Are you going to implement the software or get external help? If doing it internally, you need to hire or have qualified people in your team. If you are taking external help, you can take Business Line Company’s help and pay for the services.
Software Maintenance: SAP releases new versions or updates its software every now and then. If you plan on getting a maintenance service, you will have to pay for it. Note: maintenance service is mandatory in the first year of purchase and optional after that.
Deployment: How do you plan on deploying the software? Do you have a server or would like to get hosting service from Business Line Company?
Add-Ons: There are numerous add-ons that you can avail to expand the existing functionality of SAP Business One. You will have to pay for each add-on separately.

SAP Business One offers a flexible license model that allows you to go for the purchase method that suits your needs and budget the most. Mentioned below are the two ways to can get the license.
● One-time purchase: Get the license by paying in one go in cash or through a lease
● Subscription purchase model: Pay license fee in parts. License fee is calculated per user/per month and paid annually.

SAP Business One Subscription can be convenient for many as it divides the cost burden. However, the subscription needs to be renewed every year to continue using the software. It will not be wrong to call the subscription model a perfect example of ‘renting’ the software for a given period.

Make your business manageable even from a distance with SAP Business One Mobile App. Compatible with iOS and Android phones, this app can enable your team to access SAP Business One data while on the go to streamline business processes, handle customers, analyze reports, and more.
There are three SAP Business One Apps to choose from:
   1. SAP Business One Mobile App for iOS and Android
   2. SAP Business One Sales App
   3. SAP Business One Service App
All of these apps are free to use if the user has already purchase a SAP Business One package.

Free yourself from the hassle of maintaining servers with SAP Business One Cloud. Get all your infrastructure requirements fulfilled by one software you can trust. SAP Business One Cloud allows you to manage your business efficiently and keep data at a secure place without worrying about server maintenance and security. It is scalable and made for your growing business needs.

Businesses of all sizes are impacted by the growing volumes of business data. To mitigate this concern, SAP developed SAP HANA to support real-time applications with valuable insights without making an organization’s IT landscape more complex than it should be.

SAP HANA has the functionality of SAP Business One along with analytics that are embedded in the system, making it easier for your employees, especially the ones in client facing roles, to understand your customers better and give sound recommendations.

If you are a small business, SAP Business One Starter Pack is for you. The package offers convenience to small businesses. It is for 1-5 users with a low price that makes it a good investment for small businesses aiming to grow.

SAP Business One Starter Pack streamlines business processes and operations with features that focus on accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory, and reporting. You can always upgrade once your business starts growing.

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