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Embrace Cutting-Edge HR Solutions with SAP SuccessFactors HCM

The landscape of work is evolving. Keep ahead with our leading-edge, AI-powered suite that equips you with all the tools necessary to foster outstanding employee experiences, enhance decision-making in human resources, and integrate HR processes throughout your company.

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SAP SuccessFactors harnesses the power of cloud-based technology to enhance every aspect of HR management. It integrates various HR functions into a cohesive system that not only simplifies workflows but also enhances data management and decision-making. These are its key features:

Core HR and Payroll

Talent Management

Employee Experience Management

People Analytics Workforce Planning 

Sales Performance Management

Key features of SAP Success factors
SAP Success factors for HR Payroll

Core HR & Payroll

Support your employees globally with comprehensive solutions.

Standardize HR Processes: Establish uniform HR practices across the organization to streamline operations.

Harmonize Processes: Integrate processes throughout the company to enhance efficiency.

Boost Productivity: Simplify daily HR tasks to increase workforce efficiency.

Enhance Financial Performance: Utilize industry best practices to boost profitability and mitigate risks.

Talent Management

SAP SuccessFactors helps you to identify and fix any skill gap through intelligent talent management. 

Talent Guidance: Guide your talent at every step of the journey.

Talent Optimization: Helps you to identify and fix any talent gaps.

Streamline Hiring Process: Streamline your hiring process through intelligent talent shortlisting and insights.

Close Gaps: Act on differences between expected and actual skill requirements.

SAP SuccessFactors for Employee Productivity
SAP Success factors for Employee Management

Employee Experience Management

Enable your workforce to perform at their best through effective feedback management, benefits management, and gaining insights into key motivating factors.

Boost Job Satisfaction: Foster a positive experience at work.

Engage Employees: Understand and enhance what motivates your team.

Address Needs: Quickly respond to employee requirements.

Close Gaps: Act on differences between expected and actual employee experiences.

Visit SAP Analytics Cloud

Visit SAP Analytics Cloud

Visit SAP Analytics Cloud

Visit SAP Analytics Cloud

Sales Performance Management

Boost Sales Results with Smarter Incentives: Reward what matters most! Design incentive plans that motivate your sales team to achieve the goals that drive real business growth.

Empower Your Team, Reduce Headaches: Easily adjust sales plans on the fly with user-friendly tools. Less time wrestling with IT, more time closing deals!

Stay Motivated with Real-Time Feedback: Salespeople see their progress instantly. Clear data on compensation and performance keeps everyone engaged and focused on winning.

Get Smarter with AI: Artificial intelligence analyzes your sales data and suggests ways to optimize your incentive plans, so your team can reach its full potential.

SAP for Sales
SAP for workforce planning

Workforce Planning

People Analytics and Workforce Planning can help you streamline your HR strategy with powerful tools that:

Combine your HR data with business insights to give you a more complete picture of your workforce.

Deliver real-time data on your workforce so you can make better decisions, faster.

Use predictive analytics to plan for future workforce needs and avoid any surprises.

Keep all your data safe and secure with robust data protection.

Get started quickly and easily with pre-built templates and analytics setups.

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